Steampunk in the Catskills II

catskills2016Steampunk in the Catskills II
Event Dates: June 10-12, 2016

Blackthorne Resort
348 Sunside Rd, East Durham, New York 12418
(518) 634-2541

Jeff Mach, the fellow behind The Steampunk World’s Fair, is bringing Steampunk to a lovely, family-owned resort!

Steampunk In The Catskills returns! Come join us for the event that’s been called “Steampunk Summer Camp” and “the best knife-and-for tea this side of the ocean.”

Performers! Vendors! A Steampunk haunted house!

Stay overnight at the Blackthorne Resort. Call (518) 634-2541 to get your room and reserve your spot at the event (ask for the Steampunk Weekend, June 10th through 12th)!

You do NOT need to purchase tickets if you are staying overnight. Rooms are first-come, first-served (there are only a hundred rooms total)!

Performers include, but aren’t limited to:

Professor Mark P. Donnelly!
Joey Marsocci of Grymm Studios!
The Positronic Cats!
The Eternal Frontier!
and, unsurprisingly,
Jeff Mach

It’s going to be splendidtacular!

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  • Steampunk in NYC with Nathaniel Johnstone and friends

    steampunknycmay3Tuesday, May 3, 2016
    7:00PM – 10:30PM

    85 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

    Steampunk’s brilliant multi-instrumentalists The Nathaniel Johnstone Band are coming to town for a very short time! They’ve teamed up with Jeff Mach of The Steampunk World’s Fair to put on a splendid night of Steampunk music, performance, vending, and fun in the Big Apple!

    Just added: Not Waving But Drowning! It’s junkyard cabaret with indie rock flair, equal parts rust and lace – we’re so proud to have them aboard! Well, maybe overboard, as the case may be.

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  • “Anyone For Tea?” – A Steampunk Anachronism

    anachronismgraphicmarch2016Sunday, March 20, 2016
    6:00PM – 11:00PM

    85 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
    C. S. Lewis

    The Anachronism – Steampunk NYC is one of New York City’s friendliest Steampunk events. It happens intermittently, only once or twice a year – this is its fifth year of providing welcoming, accepting good times for veterans, new people, and the simply curious!

    Stay tuned for a gripping musical performance from the world of Psyche Corporation, a game of Celebrity Whose Line Is It Anyway, and showcases of some of the first two Steampunk Rock Operas in the world – Paul Shapera’s “The Dolls Of New Albion” and Jeff Mach’s “Absinthe Heroes” – the latter performed by the author himself!

    And the music of Luna Skye, the Wandering Cellist!

    Plus! A fashion show by Kristin Costa, splendid vendors, specialty cocktails, and merry surprises!

    Wonderful vendors, including the folk of Un-Re Designs and Zoa Studios!

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  • Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!

    absinthe heroes 2015Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!

    Now that our Kickstarter is fully funded and complete, reaching multiple stretch goals, you can get tickets  ($45) directly through SPWF!

    Buy tickets now

    Jeff Mach, co-creator of The Steampunk World’s Fair, wrote one of the first Steampunk rock operas, Absinthe Heroes, for the inaugural SPWF. Now he’s bringing it back in a gorgeous, splashy new production. Absinthe Heroes is darkly humorous, adventurous, and features wit, dash, daring, and chocolate. Its musical score was written by our acclaimed headliner Psyche Corporation. Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “A Steampunk rollercoaster.”

    Now, Absinthe Heroes is not inherently a lavish show. It can be done – and has been done – with production values as simple as a couple of goggles, a ray gun, and one Large And Mysterious Switch. But… Steampunk is capable of such glorious pomp and puffery, such dizzying heights of the divinely over-the-top pageantry! This is how we want Absinthe Heroes to spring to life. Harnessing the creative services of Circuit 6, whose expertise has mad our stages come alive for many years – and with the generosity of friends, family, and fellow Steampunk-lovers – we can make Absinthe Heroes an iconic piece of Steampunk history!
    Tickets are available  through this website for $45.

    Buy tickets now

    Directed by Ali Bernstein
    Libretto by Jeff Mach
    Music by Psyche Corporation

    Stay up to date with AbsintheHeroes!  Give us your email address and we’ll tell you All About It! Sign up here!


    A darkly humorous, adventurous, “mad science in theatrical form” Steampunk Rock Opera! DO YOU LOVE SURREAL, INSANE MAD SCIENTISTS? WHAT ABOUT CHOCOLATIERS WHO WANT TO RULE THE WORLD? Calling actors who can sing to be part of a cult-classic-in-the-making to be performed and filmed at the 2016 Steampunk World’s Fair… Be prepared to become a piece of iconic geek history by taking part in one of the first-ever Steampunk rock operas! .. Auditions to take place 2/6 through 2/7 in central New Jersey, USA.. Rehearsals will likewise take place in the areas of Central New Jersey.

    We are ultimately seeking 4 roles of any ages/genders.. Roles are as follows: Miss Chastity Purity Hope Sterling – a gifted and demure science practitioner.. Captain Richard Adastra – a heroic explorer of exploratory heroicals.. Doctor Epicurus Antikythera – a scientist, villain, and chocolatier.. And Mayor Littleton Bethleham – narrator, and dedicated civil servant

    Send us resume, headshots (amateur headshots are fine), and a brief bio, to … You do not need to have a background in Rock Opera or Steampunk….. only a love and a passion for both, just as we do!

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