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2016: Wonders Untold

Event Dates: May 13-15, 2016


The Radisson Hotel Piscataway-Somerset
21 Kingsbridge Road, Piscataway NJ 08854
Embassy Suites Piscataway
121 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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Steampunk Monday!

Brought to you by The Steampunk World's Fair and by Absinthe Heroes, the Steampunk Rock Opera!

Brought to you by “Absinthe Heroes”!

You know, Steampunk grows and thrives because of the creators who take the risks of putting time and energy into making, of all things, that strange and wonderful invention, Steampunk. That’s, as the Victorians might have put it, a right bricky move – which is to say, it takes a lot of courage and heart. And for a lot of us, the holidays are make-and-break for our small businesses.

So we declare the Monday after Black Friday – this year, that’s November 30th – to be Steampunk Monday! And we have a simple thing to ask of you:

On Steampunk Monday, consider doing some of your gift and holiday shopping with Steampunk creators, artisans, performers, and events. Buy the albums of the bands you love, get tickets to the shows you enjoy, help your favorite merchants grow and thrive!

Here’s how we’ll do our part: Email me at jeff@jeffmachevents.com with the subject “Steampunk Monday” (if your email doesn’t have that title, it likely won’t be read!) Include a link to your website/somewhere I can see your work, and I’ll pick my nine favorites and schedule them to be posted to the 89,000 folk of www.Facebook.com/steampunkworldsfair, about every two hours, for all of Steampunk Monday – starting at 12:01 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m.

And we’ll run a discount! You can get 10% off regular (not Luminary) VIP tickets at our ticket page with promo code “steampunkmonday. And if you choose to support our Kickstarter, we’ll add an extra title for you – free!

How else might you participate?

Well, consider running a Steampunk Monday discount, if you want! Consider posting Steampunk creators to your social media! And, if you want, just take a moment to thank your favorite Steampunk creators for helping this wild, wonderful Universe take shape!

Very truly yours,
Jeff Mach
Jeff Mach Events

Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!

absinthe heroes 2015Absinthe Heroes comes to The Steampunk World’s Fair!
The Kickstarter is now live! You can find it at:


Absinthe Heroes is a propulsive, darkly humorous rock opera which both satirizes and celebrates the weird, wondrous world which is Steampunk. It’s got a gorgeous score by renowned Steampunk headliner Psyche Corporation, whose work has enthralled audiences all over the world. Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “A Steampunk rollercoaster”.
Now, Absinthe Heroes is not inherently a lavish show. It can be done – and has been done – with production values as simple as a couple of goggles, a ray gun, and one Large And Mysterious Switch. But… Steampunk is capable of such glorious pomp and puffery, such dizzying heights of the divinely over-the-top pageantry! This is how we want Absinthe Heroes to spring to life. Harnessing the creative services of Circuit 6, which happens to grace the SPWF stages, and with the generosity of friends, family, and fellow Absinthe-lovers, we can make Absinthe Heroes an iconic piece of Steampunk history.

You can get tickets for $33 via the Kickstarter when it launches at 7 PM on November 15!
When the Kickstarter ends in December, tickets will be available through this website for $42.

Directed by Ali Bernstein
Libretto by Jeff Mach
Music by Psyche Corporation

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